Books by Edd Voss


My first book

A tale of Christmas big trucks and America. Come journey from Washington State to Washington D.C. 

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A collection of short stories for the whole family.

A collection of short stories.

Thirteen short stories for the whole family.

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A look at a future that could be.

A tale of dystopian future set in Seattle. If you want to be free then Shade is the man you need to find.

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Another tale of Shade fighting for freedom

Say something interesting about your business here.  There comes a time when even the best heroes need friends. Will he find the Allies he needs?

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Adventure in early Colorado

It started with a storm. A real gully washer. If not for the help of the buckskin clad rider the Jakes family would have been in major trouble. That was just the beginning.

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Book two in the New Breed series.

Roy Scuggins and the Jakes family returns for a whole new adventure in Post Civil War Colorado and New Mexico.